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SGI Forecasts Retirements

Consultancy predicts more than 15,000 aircraft will be retired in the next 15 years.

Aircraft retirements are being driven by a combination of technological developments, oil prices and GDP, an aviation consultant says.

Speaking at Aero-Engines Europe, Francesco Baccarani, engine team leader at SGI Aviation, expects more than 15,000 aircraft to be retired in the next 15 years.

These retirements, according to Baccarini, will be dominated by aircraft still in the mature stage of their lifecycle such as the Airbus A320 CEO, the A330 and the Boeing 737NG.

“This is partly due to the improve aircraft oils entering into service, which ensure the retirement cycles of the A320ceo and the 737NGs will be significantly affected by oil prices,” he says. “If the oil price increases in future, then we could see a significant increase in the retirement of mature aircraft.”

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