Should the FAA Bar ODA Expansion?

Do you agree with the transportation unions that the FAA should prohibit expansion of the ODA program until oversight guarantees are proven?

The Transportation Trades Department, a group of 32 unions in the U.S., released its2015 agenda, which includes concern about long-term FAA reauthorization. Part of that concern is about adequate FAA staffing--including the agency's reliance on people and organizations certified to perform work on behalf of the FAA--such as organization designation authorization (ODA).

Here's what the TTD wrote: "These designees and ODAs are overseen by FAA inspectors and certification engineers, and paid by aircraft and original equipment (OEM) manufacturers, but according to the FAA, they “act as surrogates for the FAA in examining aircraft designs, production quality, and airworthiness.” According to the Government Accountability Office, designees and ODAs perform more than 90 percent of the FAA’s certification activities despite “serious concerns that designee oversight is lacking.” The growth of the ODA program is making oversight increasingly difficult with limited resources for proper regulatory compliance. Congress should bar any expansion of the designee and ODA programs until the FAA conducts an audit to ensure the programs are regulatory compliant and are being properly overseen by fully qualified, trained and proficient FAA inspectors."

What are your thoughts on this?

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