Small Planet Airlines Renews Fleet

Small Planet Airlines is to replace its old 737-300s with A320 aircraft. The holiday charter company returned two 737-300s to its lessor last year and will return the last two after this summer. In turn, it has leased five replacement A320s. Small Planet Airlines Poland will use three aircraft this summer, two each will be used by the airline’s Lithuanian, French and British businesses, totalling nine aircraft. “Following the leasing of the new aircraft, the company’s fleet became one of the freshest among the European charter airlines. We will aim to maintain an average fleet age of about 10 years,” said Vytautas Kaikaris, CEO of Small Planet Airlines. “By renewing our fleet, we are aiming at more efficient operations. A320s, compared with Boeing 737-300s, have bigger capacity and lower fuel consumption per seat. In addition, they are more reliable and that should help with punctuality.” The carrier is leasing the additional aircraft from CIT Aerospace, MC Aviation Partners (MCAP), International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), Aviation Capital Group (ACG) and World Star Aviation.

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