Magentic MRO.png Magnetic MRO

Smaller Players Will Look At Acquiring Design Rights, CEO Predicts

Aftermarket M&A activity under the spotlight at ap&m Summit.

Independent maintenance providers could focus on acquiring companies to take control of their design rights on aircraft components, an MRO executive predicts.

In a panel discussion on M&A activity at ap&m in London on Tuesday (May 30), Risto Maeots, CEO of Estonian aftermarket specialist Magnetic MRO, believes that in order to survive in an increasingly competitive MRO segment amidst the rise of OEMs, it is conceivable that more maintenance providers will acquire companies to take control of their design rights in a similar way his company did in early-2016 when it acquired UK-based Mac Interiors.

“One of the reasons we went for Mac was to acquire that 50 years of history and take control of all the design rights over that period,” he said.

“The large OEMs such as Boeing and Airbus use subcontractors and it would make sense to acquire these companies to take ownership of the design.”

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