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South Korean Airline and A Startup MRO Sign With Seabury

Air Busan becomes launch customer in Republic of Korea as a new MRO poises to open later this year.

Two Republic of Korean aviation companies—one airline and one MRO--recently signed agreements to implement Seabury Solutions’ Alkym aircraft maintenance software.

Korean Aviation Engineering & Maintenance Service (KAEMS), a new MRO that plans to begin operating later this year, started implementing Alkym in August and is scheduled to finish the process in nine months.

“KAEMS is a startup that has contracts in place with a local low-cost carrier (LCC),” for which the maintenance work will begin in the fourth quarter of this year, says John Barry, Seabury Solutions senior VP. He says this LCC, the name of which can’t be announced, “will be the first customer and Alkym will allow KAEMS to formulate procedures” for this LCC work.

Korean Aerospace Industries is the largest shareholder in KAEMS, at 65.5%, but the new MRO does have seven others—two of which are South Korean LCCs Jeju Air and Easter jet.

The other new customer is Air Busan, a South Korean LCC and a subsidiary of Asiana Airlines, that will use the software to manage its aircraft technical operations. It started implementing 11 of the software’s modules-- planning, engineering, maintenance control, purchasing and repairs, inventory, receiving, shipping, reliability, human resources, training management--in July and plans to finish in eight months. At that time next year, it could consider looking at the rest of the modules, which includes functions such as quality assurance and safety management systems.

Aviation Week Network’s 2018 Fleet and MRO Forecasts shows Air Busan operates 20 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft.

To help it get established in the South Korean market, Seabury formed an in-country partnership with PartDB, an engineering IT and virtual reality company, in 2017, although Barry says “we had been working together on the concept for 18 months.”

Seabury wouldn’t disclose the terms of agreement with PartDB, Air Busan or KAEMS, but it did say it signed the contract with Air Busan in the first quarter of this year and followed with KAEMS in the second quarter.

PartDB “is actively involved in both contracts in projects,” says Barry.

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