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ST Aerospace President Updates Airbus Converted Freighter Projects

Its joint venture with Airbus could receive an EASA STC for the A330 converted freighter by the end of 2017.

EFW is waiting for the supplemental type certificate for its Airbus A330-300 passenger to freighter project, which completed its flight test program in October, says Serh Ghee Lim, ST Aerospace’s president. He expects to receive the EASA STC by yearend.

DHL, the launch customer, has a commitment for four of the converted aircraft and at the 2017 Paris Airshow ordered four more, plus options for 10, says Lim.

EFW, a joint venture between ST Aerospace and Airbus, developed the converted aircraft project designed to hold 26 pallets--or 61 metric tonnes of payload. The JV also

developed the A330-200P2F, which has 453 meters cubed (16,016 ft3) containerized volume and up to 60 tons (132,300 lbs) structural payload.

Lim expects a 400-500 market size for that aircraft class, about half of which he expects EFW to win.

EFW also is in the design phase for the A320 and A321 passenger to freighter conversions. “We see a lot of potential” for the narrowbody freighters “fueled by global ecommerce,” says Lim. “The A321 is the only platform that comes close to the capacity of the 757,” with 15 pallets, says Lim. The A321 will be able to hold 14 pallets. He expects to include the first narrowbody in the third quarter 2018. “Everything is on track.”

EFW has not yet announced the launch customer for the narrowbody freighter.

Similar to the widebody freighter, he thinks EFW could realistically capture half of the 1,000 aircraft class potential market.

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