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Standard Aero Goes Paperless For Efficiency

Standard Aero plans expedited shop turnaround time.

Engine MRO provider Standard Aero is streamlining its administrative processes with a new “E-Shop” order system that should help the company manage its own work much better—and could yield important benefits for customers.

Rick Stine, president of the Component Division, says the project started more than three years ago. It took the MRO about two years to develop and work out the bugs in E-Shop, and it has been rolling out the software to various sites for the last 18 months.

A phased rollout was necessary because Standard Aero has different business units and models. E-Shop was built mostly around the basic business of engine maintenance. It then had to be adapted and optimized for each of 13 different sites and their businesses. The MRO, which developed its own enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in-house, also developed E-Shop in-house with IT staff collaborating with maintenance engineers.

Stine says the basic aim of E-Shop is to make administrative processes as paperless as possible and thus exploit the efficiencies of a digital system. A part will come into Standard Aero with papers and receive a certification or FAA Form 8130 when it leaves, but otherwise everything that happens to that component should be documented electronically.

E-Shop is designed to manage the workflow for a part. It restricts who can perform each task, so unauthorized staff cannot complete the work and only the correct person can approve finished jobs. All work will be recorded electronically before final papers are issued.

E-Shop does not now provide access to customers or Standard Aero suppliers, although the company eventually may bring its vendors into the system with electronic data interchange. The process should help Standard Aero in several ways: getting rid of paper and its burdens, ensuring accuracy by avoiding manual reentries of data, improving planning of capacity and better managing suppliers. 

“Our ERP had some of this, but E-Shop ties it all together,” Stine explains. For customers, E-Shop should also help ensure quick turnarounds and proper performance of all work done. 

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