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StandardAero Realigns Engine MRO As Part Of Vector Purchase

StandardAero plans to establish three centers of excellence and close one Canadian facility.

Over the next 12-18 months, Standard Aero will specialize three Canadian facilities into distinctive centers of excellence, and close one, as part of its acquisition of Vector Aerospace from Airbus in November.

Its Winnipeg, Manitoba, facilities will focus on helicopter engine MRO and will absorb the work currently being done by StandardAero’s Richmond facility, which will wind down by June 2019.

The company’s facility in Langley, British Columbia, will become the center of excellence for helicopter airframes/component MRO—including the work that is now done at Richmond.

The company’s facility in Summerside, Prince Edwards Island, will become the center of excellence for turboprop engine MRO.

StandardAero CEO Russell Ford said a key part of its acquisition strategy was to establish these centers of excellence and “combine or consolidate relevant engine platforms to eliminate duplicate operations, while also freeing up capacity to accommodate our growth programs.”

The company is not disclosing costs or savings related to the realignment, but since early this year, most of the company’s sales and customer support organizations have been combined.

StandardAero is in the process of launching a dedicated transition team of employees and subject-matter experts to complete the transition and work with Richmond employees.

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