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Thailand Prepares For ICAO Security Audit

Agency will begin review of country's aviation security from next week.

While Thailand is pushing for ICAO to conduct a follow-up audit to address safety concerns, the agency will first undertake a review of the country’s aviation security.

ICAO is due to make its security inspection from July 11-21, as part of its universal security audit program – continuous monitoring approach (USAP-CMA) process. Thai Airways said it is among the companies and organizations that will be participating in the security audit. A task force has been established to prepare for the audit, which also includes the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), AeroThai, and Airports of Thailand.

According to ICAO, the USAP-CMA program is intended “to promote global aviation security through continuous auditing and monitoring of member states’ aviation security performance, in order to enhance their aviation security compliance and oversight capabilities.” The process includes repeat visits and analysis.

Meanwhile, Thai authorities are continuing to prepare for an assessment of the country’s safety oversight. ICAO placed a red flag on Thailand after identifying safety concerns with its regulators during an audit in 2015. This has caused operating restrictions for Thai airlines in some countries.

Thai authorities have been working to address the ICAO safety concerns. The CAAT recently submitted a request for a follow-up safety audit known as an ICAO coordinated validation mission (ICVM). Thai officials and ICAO have indicated the ICVM will occur later this year.

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