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Top Priorities For United Airlines Tech Ops

United Airlines outlines five technical area focuses for the year.

United Airlines’ technical operation is focusing on five pillars in 2017 to gain better operational reliability and more flexibility, said Mike Arata, managing director of fleet engineering, at the airline’s briefing at MRO Americas.

The first pillar concentrates on core aircraft health, with heightened attention on component health, says Arata. “That may be one of the largest contributors to overall fleet health,” he noted.

The airline also is focusing on simplifying processes—examining line-to-base maintenance to streamline the way maintenance is done, which can yield safety, compliance and efficiency gains. Third, United is examining balancing workload in the line maintenance environment to give it more seasonable flexibility and to maximize quick turns.

The fourth pillar is optimizing maintenance programs for the Boeing 737 and 777. The 777 program will harmonize the GE90- and PW4000-powered fleets. Arata says United just completed its first 777 bridge check.

The last focus is on technology tools, such as its program to make the front-line technicians mobile.

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