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Tork Expands Into MRO Industrial Cleaning Products

The company says its range of task-based wiping products will minimize aircraft downtime and provide a safer working environment.

Cleaning isn’t glamorous, but it is a necessary element in maintaining the high standards of safety and quality within MRO. Industrial cleaning product provider Tork recently expanded into the aviation industry with a wide range of task-based wiping products designed specifically for the demands of the MRO industry.

“Aviation maintenance technicians are responsible for billions of dollars worth of equipment, and ultimately the safety and lives of passengers the airplanes carry,” says Tom Bergin, healthcare and industrial marketing director for Essity Professional Hygiene, North America—Tork’s parent company. Bergin says the company’s decades of experience serving industries such as manufacturing and automotive have helped develop solutions that will work for well MRO.

According to Anders Hellqvist, Tork’s assortment manager for wiping and cleaning, traditional options for industrial cleaning products have pitfalls. “Historically, rags are the preferred cleaning method, but the variation in these products mean they can perform badly,” he says. “This means technicians take longer than anticipated on work and spend unnecessary time and effort on wiping and cleaning, instead of on other more value-added tasks.”

Hellqvist says that in addition to slowing down processes, the use of rags can cause less operational flexibility, undue strain on technicians and potential security risks as the result of shortcuts and stress. According to Tork, the use of its product line for the MRO industry can result in up to 20% less effort and 30% less time expended for technicians. The durable, reusable cleaning wipes can be quickly accessed through dispenser systems located across workstations.

Tork says these products can also provide a safer working environment. According to the company, its products use 40% fewer solvents because they absorb quickly and release them evenly compared to textile products like rags, so technicians are exposed to fewer emissions from volatile organic compounds. For potential static charge areas such as fuel tanks or cockpit electronics, Tork offers low-lint and industrial low-lint cleaning cloths, which are tested for electro static discharge and meet the requirements of the Electrostatic Protection Area.

In addition to the low-lint cleaning cloths, Tork provides heavy-duty cleaning cloths for areas such as the engine and airframe as well as industrial heavy-duty wiping paper, which is recommended for cleaning composite surfaces, windows and light shields. Both products are certified for the Boeing Manufacturing Standard BMS 15-5G for wiping and cloths. Tork says these standards are the result of testing how the product works with different chemicals, if it contains silicone and oils, and how it works with solvents.

Although the company is not yet releasing information about its aviation customers, Tork says its wipers will help minimize aircraft maintenance downtimes and streamline procedures, making the use of rags obsolete.

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