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TP Aerospace To Go Paperless By 2020

The wheel and brake specialist has been driving digitalization across its network of MRO shops since last year.

TP Aerospace is set to go paperless by next year after developing a new system aimed at reducing its paper usage across the business.

The company, which is headquartered in Copenhagen, has developed a paperless system through its Component Control-linked ERP software, enabling the electronification of processes involved in raising, completing and signing off a work order previously undertaken through a barcode scanning system.

According to TP Aerospace, this direct data entry method spans from the introduction of a unit, through the maintenance procedures to the end of the final inspection allowing digital sign-off.

The system already has gained approval by a host of regulators including Europe’s EASA, Australian regulator CASA, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia and Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. More aviation regulators in territories where TP Aerospace has a presence are expected to grant approvals this year.

In the run up to going fully paperless in 2020, its Australia facility located in Brisbane is set to be the first to take the new system, followed by locations in Malaysia, Bangkok and the UK, where it recently opened a new 11,800 sq. ft. wheels and brakes repair facility close to East Midlands Airport.

TP Aerospace began its paperless drive last year, coinciding with the launch of the Green Sunrise strategy in August 2018. The plan, aimed at driving better customer support through new facilities, will see 11 new locations open worldwide--taking the company’s number of shops from seven to 18.

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