Training the New Mechanics

Software specialist looks for smarter ways for MROs to spend their training dollars.

The coming retirement of so many experienced mechanics presents two sets of challenges, recruiting new mechanics and training them to higher levels of competence as quickly as possible. There are limits on how easy providing training and experience can be made, but there is a smart way to make sure you are giving just the right training to just the right people.

ELMS’s Competence Management System, or just ELMS for short, addresses this challenge, according to Stuart Wright, head of product operations, support and marketing. “ELMS helps organizations train new mechanics, and those who have already established careers in the industry, by providing a tool that allows them to consolidate their competence, training and task experience records into a single location and then evaluate that information with a broad range of reporting capabilities,” Wright explains. The tool was designed specifically for aviation.

The system enables MRO managers to build tailored competence profiles for specific jobs, including tiered levels within each job. It then uses these profiles to provide a clear picture of an engineer’s or a mechanic’s qualifications and identifies either gaps or areas of improvement.        

ELMS includes a centralized electronic log book that tap’s each individual’s record of validated experience, allowing users and the MRO as a whole to track experience, on-the-job training and recentness of training or experience. Managers can set, evaluate and manage key experience milestones for apprentices and trainee mechanics. This in turn enables the firm to develop precisely targeted training programs for maximum effectiveness without any wasted costs. And ELMS aids the MRO in satisfying competence-based compliance requirements up the supply chain

The solution is now used by a wide variety of customers, from independent MROs to airline MROs and line maintenance companies. Wright says a number of further enhancements are planned for 2019 and 2020.

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