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Triumph Opens New Aircraft Interiors Supercenter

Triumph says the new facility will help consolidate its interiors business under one roof and lay the groundwork to become a one-stop-shop for carriers.

Triumph has officially opened a new Center of Excellence for its interior repair business in Atlanta, Georgia, which the manufacturing and overhaul specialist is hoping will give it a competitive edge in the market.

The 76,000 ft.2 facility will focus primarily on repair and overhaul of interior products such as sidewalls, ceiling panels, galleys, lavatories and insulation blankets. According to Candi Cygan, general manager of Triumph Interiors, the more than $3.2 million facility investment—which features warehouse, inventory and production space—will give the company room to grow.

Triumph Interiors Atlanta Center of ExcellenceCygan says business at Triumph Interiors is being driven by industry surveys that have correlated passenger impressions about airlines with the appearance of aircraft interiors. Because carriers are flying aircraft more frequently on a daily basis than they have in the past, Cygan says interior decorative finishing is now needing to be replaced much more quickly.

Previously, Triumph Interiors had locations in Atlanta and Grand Prairie, Texas, which have now been consolidated into the new Center of Excellence. Despite consolidation, Cygan says the company has not lost any capacity and having all of the cost structure under one building will give Triumph Interiors a competitive edge. “We are primarily looking to offer the same service, reduce any confusion that may come from the different locations and remain a competitive interior supercenter,” she adds.

According to Bill Kircher, executive vice president of Triumph Product Support, the decision to invest in the new facility is also fueled by the desire to broadcast the company’s focus on interior growth to its customers and the market in general. “I think over the last few years as we managed through this consolidation process, there were questions from the customer base,” says Kircher. “What we’re trying to announce is that we absolutely love the interiors business, we’re focused on growing it and we’re doing it through this new Center of Excellence in Atlanta.”

Moving forward, the company is focused on expanding its customer base and driving a larger share of business from existing customers, such as Delta Air Lines and Southwest—Triumph’s two largest customers by revenue. Because both carriers are large customers for Triumph’s structures and accessories businesses, Kircher says the new interiors facility will help transform the company into a “one-stop-shop” for these airlines.

Additionally, Kircher says Triumph Interiors is looking into new markets it has yet to break into, such as safety and emergency equipment.

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