Turbine Control Inc. repair capabilities Turbine Control Inc.

Turbine Control Adding Capabilities, Customers

TCI's president says the MRO has expanded repairs, including those for vanes.

After nearly four decades of supporting OEMs, airlines and asset managers, Turbine Control Inc. is adding new capabilities and is growing, according to TCI President Glen Greenberg. The company is now certified by FAA and EASA, as well as regulators in China, Japan and Indonesia.

TCI has two divisions. Engine components and gearboxes are repaired by 115 employees in Bloomfield, Connecticut, while accessories are repaired by 60 staff in Miramar, Florida. Both have been expanding capabilities in recent years.

In Bloomfield, TCI recently added vacuum heat treating, brazing, electrical discharge machining (EDM) for honeycombs, high-pressure nozzles repairs, vane sector repairs and outlet guide vanes. It has expanded its equipment with a Kuraki six-axis milling center, a Campbell computer numerical control (CNC) grinder and vacuum furnace. 

TCI’s accessory MRO in Miramar has experienced significant growth in the past two years, according to Greenberg. A new air management testing facility can test components with flows up to 300 pounds per minute at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. TCI supports engine fuel pumps, controls, actuators and nozzles, as well as hydraulic, oil and pneumatic accessories.

Greenberg is proud of TCI’s strong relationships with OEMs-- such as Pratt & Whitney, GE and United Technologies Aerospace Systems—as well as airlines and asset managers. He says TCI can serve both large and small customers globally. “Over the next five years, we see a continuation of growth and expansion into new product offerings.”

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