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Two Chinese MROs Gain EASA Approvals

Ameco and GAMECO have both announced new certifications.

Two of Asia-Pacific's biggest MRO providers have obtained approvals from European regulator EASA.

China-based maintenance specialist Ameco has received Design Organization Approval form EASA, becoming the first aviation maintenance enterprise in China to obtain the EASA DOA.

With the EASA DOA, Ameco will be able to conduct independent engineering design, technical analysis, evaluation, experiments and airworthiness approval for aviation products within the scope of work approved by EASA and in an effective design support system.

Meanwhile, fellow Chinese MRO company GAMECO has obtained EASA Production Organization Approval. It took nearly two years to get the approval since the launching in August 2017 followed up by a lot of video conferences, site audits, communication and corrective actions.

There will be a two-year continuous monitoring period during which GAMECO will receive regular audits by the audit team. The scope of this approval for GAEMECO is part manufacturing, which means that GAMECO can supply its self-manufactured parts to EASA-registered aircraft.

This will reduce GAMECO’s maintenance cost, broaden the revenue-generating channels, and also lay a solid foundation for GAMECO to become a first-class MRO in China and even around the world.

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