MRO Americas
AMC Boroscope Inspection Jen Deglmann

Wedding Ring Found In Geared Turbofan At AMC Event

A wedding ring was placed as foreign object debris for the Aerospace Maintenance Competition participants to find.

At the Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) at MRO Americas in Orlando, April 25-27, 50 teams competed in non-destructive testing, composite repair, fiber optics and ADS-B troubleshooting, among other activities.

Initially, there wasn't enough light during this borescope inspection event, but the light intensity was turned up mid-inspection, and the foreign object debris (FOD) was identified as a gold wedding ring near the strainer (top left of frame) of the Pratt & Whitney 1100G-JM engine.

Avionics Electrical Technician First Class (AET1) Johnathan Frumpkin (back) and Aviation Maintenance Technician First Class (AMT1) Jeremiah Branscomb (front), part of one of the two U.S. Coast Guard teams, completed the inspection and needed to identify the object. The competition time expired before Frumpkin and Branscomb could extract the FOD.

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