A320neo debuts, airframers joust over A330neo

The A320neo will take its first flight at 10:30am (CET) this Thursday (25 September) when it will take off from Toulouse. The news was announced by John Leahy, chief operating officer of customers at Airbus, at the  International Society of Transport Aircraft trading (ISTAT) today. Leahy also disclosed that Airbus is negotiating with four more customers for the A320neo. Regarding Airbus’ latest offering, the A330neo, Boeing's VP of marketing for commercial aircraft, Randy Tinseth claimed today that the programme was a "bad idea". Despite taking 127 orders at the Farnborough Air Show, Tinseth argued that the A330neo uses a fuselage from the 1970s, which was 'abandoned' by the A350, inefficient wing technology from the 1980s and an engine that was built for the 787 and not optimised for the A330. In his usual playful yet combative response Leahy quipped: "I'm glad they're not paying any attention to the neo out in Seattle, keep up the good work, boys!" In response to Tinseth's remarks about the A330neo's wings,

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