Airbus Gets A 3D Experience

Dassault Systemes, a 3D software designer, has teamed up with Airbus to extend the use of its ‘3Dexperience’ platform’s realistic simulation applications (Simulia). The partnership will help accelerate the structural analysis and virtual testing of Airbus’ next generation aircraft, starting with the A350-900. Paired with Airbus’ ‘Accelerated Development for Vulnerability and Nonlinear System’ (ADVANS) programme, ‘Simulia Abaqus’ will predict the strength and performance of its aircraft structure. Designers and engineers will create very large simulation models and by using high-performance computing clusters, they will quickly be able to perform full-scale, nonlinear structural simulations. The ‘Simulia’ application allows users to benefit from more accurate, nonlinear simulations technologies, helping gain a more in-depth understanding of realistic structural performance earlier in the design cycle.

TAGS: Europe
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