Airbus Hikes Prices After Announcing Record-Breaking Year

Airbus has hiked the average list price of its aircraft by 2.6 per cent for 2014 - on the back of a record year. The French manufacturer says the new prices, which came into effect on January 1, are calculated according to its "standard escalation formula". Aircraft price rises were announced the same day Airbus revealed it had a record-breaking year in 2013, smashing delivery, orders and backlog targets and records. The A380 will now cost $414m, up on the $403.9m it was priced at in 2013. The cost of an A320 neo is now $102.8m, up from $100.2m, while the A318 is now priced at $71.9m, up from $70.1m. Other aircraft prices also went up.

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