Airbus India Created

Airbus has created a subsidiary called Airbus India and appointed Srinivasan Dwarakanath as CEO. The new Airbus India organisation will have customer-facing centres in Delhi and Mumbai and an MRO capability will be set up in the future. “Building on the success of the Airbus Engineering Centre India (AECI) in Bangalore, Airbus India will also include strategy, customer services and procurement teams under one organisation,” Airbus said. Dwarakanath was responsible for setting up Airbus’ industrial footprint in the region, including AECI and Airbus Training India (ATI), both in Bangalore. “The new company structure will add a strong customer-facing element making us more agile, bringing us closer to stakeholders, suppliers and also to new talent. The Airbus India organisation will foster innovation, respond quickly to growth and to seek out new co-operation opportunities in India,” Dwarakanath explained. Charles Champion, EVP-Airbus engineering and member of the Airbus executive committee, has been appointed chairman of Airbus India.

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