ATR Gets EASA Avionics Certification For -600 Aircraft.jpg ATR

ATR Gets EASA Avionics Certification For -600 Aircraft

The new standard 3 avionics suite has been co-developed with systems giant Thales.

ATR has obtained EASA certification for the “standard 3” version of the avionics suite on board its 42-600 and 72-600 turboprop aircraft types.

Co-developed with French avionics specialist Thales over the course of two years, the aircraft manufacturer said the updated systems will bring improved situational awareness and approach capabilities along with a more user-friendly interface and tools aimed at better optimizing airlines’ operations.

In an upgrade from the standard 2 version of the avionics suite, standard 3 will feature RNP-AR 0.3/0.3 (Required Navigation Performance with Authorisation Required) option, aimed at enabling airlines to operate the aircraft in mountainous areas or congested traffic environments. I

ts development was jointly financed by ATR operator Air New Zealand following its request for the regional jet maker to look into the feasibility of the upgrade.

In-service aircraft will be eligible for retrofits in ATR -600s through software upgrades of its on-board systems.

Installation for the new system is scheduled to start from 2017 in newly produced -600s.


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