Boeing To Build 200-Seat MAX 8

Boeing has announced plans to build a 200-seat MAX 8 in a re-engining of its existing 737NG narrowbody aircraft. The new "minor model" addition will deliver a 20 per cent fuel saving on the current 737NG and is positioned to attract low-cost airlines. The 11 extra seats will be accommodated by a mid-exit door similar to that on the MAX 9. Boeing will deliver the first MAX 8 in 2017 and the first MAX 9 in 2018. It will use CFM International's Leap-1B engines to power the aircraft. Ray Conner, Boeing CEO, responded to news from Airbus that it will re-engine both its A330-800 and -900 aircraft by saying that he looks forward to the competition. "We know what the [A330] airframe can do, what the engines can do. We are very comfortable with our product line," Conner says. "I feel comfortable that we have the right machine in every segment of the market."

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