Boeing To Increase 787 Production Rate

Boeing is to increase its production rate for the 787 aircraft despite still facing troubles with the aircraft. The manufacturer will produce 12 of the aircraft each month by 2016; its current target is to hit 10 per month by the end of the year. The update was announced on the back of news that Boeing's revenue had by 11 per cent to $22.1bn. The backlog grew to a value of $415bn and Boeing's operating cash flow before pensions reached $4.3bn. "Consistently strong operating performance is driving higher earnings, revenue and cash flow as we deliver on our record backlog and return increased value to shareholders," said Boeing's president and CEO, Jim McNerney. During the 3Q, Boeing completed the first flight of the 787-9 and delivered 170 aircraft. The Dreamliner's first issues regarded its lithium-ion batteries, which caused all of the aircraft to be grounded for almost four months. The Dreamliner has also suffered problems with it electrical components including warning lights and tracking beacons. Boeing has since redesigned and reinstalled some parts and is working on the aircraft's software to reduced wiring faults.

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