Boeing Rejects Al Jazeera 787 Claims

Boeing has dismissed allegations made by Al Jazeera English that quality procedures were changed to speed up production of the 787.

The claims were made in a programme broadcast yesterday (September 10) which Boeing described as “neither balanced nor accurate in its portrayal of the 787, our employees or our suppliers”.

The programme claimed to have spoken to Boeing engineers and staff at the OEM’s South Carolina plant that stated that the “workforce isn’t up to the job” and that quality processes had been altered and inspectors overruled.

In a statement published ahead of the show’s broadcast, Boeing refuted the allegations: “The producers appear to have fallen into the trap of distorting the facts, relying on claims rejected by courts of law… [and] based the majority of its reporting on unnamed sources pursuing their own agendas and a disgruntled former employee engaged in a legal dispute with Boeing.”

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