Boeing To Stretch The 787

Boeing has announced that it will stretch the 787 Dreamliner to cater for the Asian long-haul market, news sources have reported. However, the manufacturer is to announce at least three customers for the larger variant at the Paris Airshow next week, and these will extend beyond Asia, The Wall Street Journal has said. The stretched Dreamliner, which will be called the 787-10, will have 320 seats. This is an increase from the standard 240-seat 787-8, which now in operation, and the 270-seat 787-9, which will launch next year. The 787-8 has recently returned to operations following issues with its batteries, which led to the grounding of all 787s for four months. Japanese carrier, All Nippon Airways (ANA) recently reported that the right engine of its 787 failed to start, causing it to cancel a flight. The airline, which also suffered problems with the 787 battery, said the two issues were unrelated. Boeing is looking into the causes and the Japanese Transport Safety Board has decided not to investigate the issue.

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