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1. Nets, Straps and Slings

Company: Cargo Systems Inc.

Specifications: Cargo Systems Inc. is an FAA and EASA-certified repair station that supplies hardware, nets, straps, and slings for aircraft manufacturers and operators, with a main focus on regional air cargo carriers. The company receives a range of requests from customers, including for restraints for weather-monitoring instruments, equipment to hold down gear for an air medical operator, and for new baggage restraints for corporate aircraft.

2. Multiple Locations for Cargo Aircraft Repair Services

Company: AAR


Specifications: AAR, based in Wood Dale, Illinois, provides MRO and supply chain logistics in more than 15 countries. AAR’s MRO cargo services maintain, repair and overhaul airframes, landing gear and other components for cargo aircraft via its network of six airframe MRO locations, as well as its Miami landing gear and Garden City, New York, component repair shops. AAR MRO services does all its repair work in-house.

3. Extensive Component Inventory

Company: Air Cargo Equipment

Air Cargo Equipment

Specifications: Air Cargo Equipment (ACE), located in Enumclaw, Washington, specializes in repair and overhaul of aircraft cargo system components found on full-freighter aircraft, as well as components for lower cargo holds of widebody aircraft including  Boeing 747s, 767s, 777s, 787s, DC/10/MD-11s and various Airbus family aircraft. Brian Carey, vice president, says one of ACE’s largest advantages is its extensive component inventory, relying heavily on buying complete cargo systems out of graveyard aircraft and  offering alternatives to new-condition parts. Carey says he is expecting to add 10,000 ft.2  of warehouse space by the end of 2017, doubling current capacity.

4. Post-Modification Support

Company: Aeronautical Engineers Inc.

Aeronautical Engineers Inc.

Specifications: Aeronautical Engineers Inc. (AEI), based in Miami, has converted more than 442 aircraft including Boeing 727-100/200s, 737-300SFs, 737-400SFs, MD-80SFs, Bombardier CRJs and expects a supplemental type certificate for the 737-800SF at the end of 2017. Customers include FedEx, DHL, Alhoa Air Cargo and other operators. With conversion centers in the U.S., Canada and Asia, AEI offers 24/7 AOG service, line and technical support, and post-modification support for Boeing and Bombardier aircraft. AEI also offers nine 88 x 135-in. pallet positions for the 737-300SF.

5. Conversions
During Heavy Checks

Company: HAECO Americas

Specifications: HAECO Americas, in Lake City, Florida, announced a partnership with Precision Aircraft Solutions in 2015 to build on its existing partnership with its sister company, HAECO Xiamen in China. HAECO Americas was the first MRO to complete a Boeing 747-400BCF conversion, and is able to convert 737-300/-400s, 747-200/-300/-400s, 757s and 767s. Conversions can be completed in 85-90 days and done during heavy maintenance checks or other modifications.

6. Boeing 757 Conversions

Company: Precision Aircraft Solutions

Precision Aircraft Solutions

Specifications: Precision Aircraft Solutions, located in Beaverton, Oregon, specializes in Boeing 757-200 freighter conversions. The shop is Boeing-licensed and capable of converting Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney engine variants. Recently, Precision completed a 757-200 passenger-to-freighter conversion for Asia Pacific Airlines, a subsidiary of Tan Holdings Corp. Purchased and modified from HAECO Americas in North Carolina, the eight-week conversion included new winglets, flat-panel flight deck displays and advanced avionics. Precision has completed nearly 90 757 conversions and expects to be at 100 by the end of the year. Brian McCarthy, vice president of marketing and sales, says that due to the growth of online retailers like, the cargo industry is seeing an emphasis on volume capability over payload.

7. Cargo Component Repairs

Company: JJA Aviation

JJA Aviation


Specifications: JJA Aviation can complete repairs for smoke detectors, lights, power-drive units (PDU), actuators, and additional components found on cargo aircraft. The FAA/EASA-certified repair facility has customers including Everts Air Cargo, LATAM Cargo, Aero Transportes de Carga Uniao S.A. (Aerounion), Amerijet and National Airlines.

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