Chinese Lessor Signs Up For Rolls-Royce Service

CMIG Aviation Capital will be covered by the engine OEM’s LessorCare service.

Rolls-Royce’s push to improve services for the leasing community has won it another customer in CMIG Aviation Capital.

The Chinese lessor has signed up to LessorCare, the services package launched at the start of the year with lessors Avolon, Aercap and DAE Capital.

Adding Chinese lessors to that base is an important step for Rolls-Royce given the explosive growth of leasing in the country.

It’s also significant at a global level since Rolls-Royce expects lessors to own about half its in-service fleet once the current aircraft backlog is delivered. Today lessors own about a third of Trent engines in service.

GE also recognizes the importance of tailoring a service towards lessors. Its TrueChoice Transitions service facilitates asset movements between operators with services such as green-time leases, engine exchanges, module exchanges, materials consignment and portability products. Twin goals are to maximize residual value and ensure maintenance spend remains proportional to the remaining life of the engine.

CMIG Aviation Capital will adopt the service across its existing and future fleet of Trent-powered aircraft.

LessorCare includes customer support and transition services to ease the movement of aircraft and their engines from one lessee to another.

The final prong of the package is asset management, which builds on Rolls-Royce’s longstanding OPERA product for lessors. One of the main goals of this is to provide portability and liquidity of maintenance value.

“It allows lessors to pay for what they want when they need it. The benefits are faster and easier service access, the incorporation of services today and for the future, and maximising possible return on investment,” Lesley So, Rolls-Royce, head of marketing – services, civil aerospace, told Inside MRO earlier this year.

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