EADS To Rebrand Under Airbus Moniker

European Aeronautic, Defence & Space (EADS) is to rebrand itself simply as Airbus. It is using its most familiar brand name to highlight its core business of developing commercial aircraft. The company will be comprised of three divisions: commercial aircraft, helicopters and a combined defence and space arm. EADS’ CEO, Tom Enders, commented: “What we are unveiling today is an evolution, not a revolution. It's the next logical step in the development of our company.” He added that the move to combine defence and space will “take costs out, increase profitability and improve our market position." Coupled with the announcement of its rebranding, EADS also announced that sales rose three per cent this year, and that earnings rose from €724m ($960m) last year to €887m ($1.18bn) this year. Airbus contributed 70 per cent of those sales, delivering €637m ($844m) in earnings, up two per cent on last year. Half-year results show a six per cent revenue increase across the group and a 31 per cent rise in net income.

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