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Eagle Poised To Add GP7200; PW1100G Work

Transition to newer engines is part of transition from PW4000 work.

Pratt & Whitney Eagle Services Asia is on track to be handling full Engine Alliance GP7200 and Pratt PW1100G-JM overhauls later this year—part of a transition from relying on the shop's bread-and-butter PW4000 work as that engine continues to be phased out.

Singapore-based Eagle in 2016 was unveiled as the fourth facility, and first in Asia-Pacific, to join GP7200 network.

Eagle, which already overhauls low-pressure compressors for the Airbus A380 engine, is expected to induct its first full powerplant within the next eight weeks, executives said at an event held to coincide with this week's Singapore Air Show.

"The equipment is in place," Engine Alliance President Kevin Vicha said during the event. "They are ready to go."

Engine Alliance, a GE/Pratt joint venture, has built about 600 GP7200s. Air France, Etihad Airways, Korean Air, Emirates Airline, and Qatar Airways operate GP7200-powered A380s.

Accommodating the GP7200 and, later, the PW1100G-JM that is an option on the A320neo, requires some reconfiguration at Eagle. The facility is consolidating its PW4000 work from its two buildings into one. The changes include adding efficiency-enhancing technology, such as mobile turnover stands and connectivity to support paperless processes.

The reconfiguration will enable Eagle, a joint venture between Pratt and Singapore Airlines Engineering  Co. (SIAEC) that started out as SIAEC's engine overhaul shop, to add both GP7200 and PW1100G-JM work in its existing footprint while continuing to serve the PW4000 market.

Plans call for Eagle to have full PW1100G-JM assembly, disassembly and testing capabilities by the end of this year. As with the GP7200, it will overhaul some parts internally while managing the entire shop-visit process for customers.


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