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Embraer Consolidates Support To Reap Synergies Across Markets

The aircraft maker believes putting the units together will create business benefits.

Embraer’s new Tech Care program has consolidated customer support for all its markets, military, agricultural, executive and commercial, into one 2,500-person unit to support 4,900 aircraft.

This should enable lessons learned in one market to transfer quickly and easily to other markets. Johann Bordais, president and CEO of Embraer Services and Support, says, “there are synergies in putting all these units, with 20 years of experience, together. The feedback is customers like it and want us to keep doing it.”

Tech Care offers a full portfolio of support, material management, maintenance of airframes and components, technical services and help with flight operations. Operators can choose ala carte which kind of support and how much of each they seek. Bordais estimates that about 60% of Embraer’s commercial aircraft are on relatively comprehensive Tech Care programs. The OEM uses partner firms to do much of the repair work, but operators want to “feel they are doing it with Embraer’s DNA, our Brazilian soul.” 

Embraer not only supports its own aircraft, but though its investment in Portugal’s OGMA, supports Bombardier and Airbus aircraft and several military cargo aircraft. “The best defense is a good attack,” Bourdais observes.

The Brazilian OEM launched its heath monitoring service, now called Ahead Pro, with the first E-Jets in 2003, partly because it was beginning to sell to mainline carriers accustomed to the health monitoring on Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Now the tool has proved so useful, that one American operator has put its Airbus jets on the Ahead Pro platform, Bourdais notes.

The aim of Ahead Pro is to forecast probable failures up to 30 days in advance and take the surprises out of maintenance and prevent AOGs, “so I don’t have David Neeleman calling me up at one o’clock in the morning,” Bourdais says. E2 jets will apply the same principles in Ahead Pro, except with more data coming from more systems.

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