Embraer Selects Honeywell Avionics System

Embraer has chosen Honeywell to provide its Primus Epic 2 integrated avionics system for the second generation of E-Jets, scheduled to enter service in 2018. The system is an upgrade of the existing Primus Epic system on the current generation. The new 13x10 inch large displays and advanced graphic capabilities will allow for flexibility in the flight deck. Primus Epic 2 offers “a mature system and a smooth transition for pilots between the current and future generation of E-Jets” said John Bolton, president of air transport & regional at Honeywell Aerospace. The software based system will allow Embraer to integrate future communication, navigation, and air traffic management functionalities. As in the current family of aircraft, the second generation of E-Jets will be optionally equipped with dual Head-up Displays. The supplier selection for this system will occur later this year.

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