French Players Aim To Create Biofuel Industry

Airbus, Air France, Safran and Total have joined forces to highlight the need to improve research into the development of sustainable biofuels with a view to creating a French biofuel industry. The companies organised the ‘Joining our Energies – Biofuel Initiative France’ flight during the Paris Air Show to illustrate French industry’s technical capacity to integrate aeronautical biofuels. The demonstration flight, between Toulouse and Le Bourget, was carried out by an Airbus A321 with sharklets and powered by CFM56 engines. The aircraft used ‘Biojet A-1 Total/Amyris’, a biofuel produced from a sugar-processing technology. The four companies noted that “as the aviation industry has no alternative to liquid fuels of fossil origin, the use of biofuels is essential for drastically reducing CO2 emissions”.

TAGS: Europe
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