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GE Aviation Progressing On Data Exchange, Connection Efforts

Teledyne agreement produces first service, airline customer.

GE Aviation, progressing in its push to build digital bridges between aircraft owners, operators and MRO providers, has connected Teledyne quick-access recorders (QAR) with its Predix platform and is close to connecting its first carrier to its configuration data exchange (CDE).

The Predix-QAR integration, rolled out in August, provides an automatic data flow from recorders to GE's platform. The project is part of GE Aviation's agreement with Teledyne Controls announced last year. The collaboration seeks to leverage Teledyne equipment, found on about 70% of current generation Airbus aircraft and 50% of Boeing models. Primary uses include transmitting data post-flight, such as for flight-data monitoring programs, and transmitting flight operations data, such as navigation databases, to the flight deck.

Separately, GE is finalizing the first connection between CDE and an unnamed airline. Unveiled last year and envisioned as a de facto MRO data-exchange pipeline between owners, operators and maintainers, CDE has connected two GE MRO shops—GE Celma in Brazil and GE Caledonian in Scotland—directly to CDE.

CDE is running its first version of beta software, and GE says version two is slated to roll out next month.

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