GE, Tata Press Ahead With Indian Manufacturing Facility.jpg GE Aviation

GE, Tata Press Ahead With Indian Manufacturing Facility

Engine center will focus on components for the CFM LEAP engine.

GE has broken ground on a new manufacturing facility in India that will produce components for the CFM LEAP engine.

Located in the southern city of Hyderabad, the facility is a joint venture with Tata, India’s leading industrial group.

Tata has rapidly expanded its aviation capabilities in recent years, helping to establish several new airlines and beefing up its defence manufacturing business.

The new structural centre of excellence in Hyderabad is a partnership between GE Aviation and Tata Advanced Systems.

"Tata group's partnership with GE will boost the domestic manufacturing expertise, and enhance the capabilities of the group in the global aerospace industry,” said Banmali Agrawala, president, infrastructure and defence & aerospace, Tata Sons.

Vishal Wanchoo, president and CEO for GE South Asia, added: "Combining GE's R&D capability with state of the art manufacturing within Tata's new facility in Hyderabad is a significant step forward in building indigenous capability for the Indian aerospace industry."

GE already has an R&D centre in the Indian technology hub of Bangalore, and the new facility in Hyderabad will add some much-needed manufacturing expertise in a country that, relative to population, has failed to attract sufficient industrial aviation partnerships when compared with many of its Asian neighbours.

Mainly, this is believed to be down to an antiquated bureaucracy plus regulatory and customs burdens that vary widely from state to state.

Nonetheless, massive potential for air travel remains in India. Ultimately, GE would surely hope the new centre of excellence could swing some engine orders its way, especially in light of the problems affecting the LEAP’s competitor engine – the PW1100G – at some of the India’s biggest low-cost carriers.

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