MRJ to be unveiled next month

Mitsubishi Aircraft is set to reveal its regional jet to the world on October 18. Greg Alberts, the firm's SVP of global leasing and asset management, made the announcement at ISTAT Europe on Monday (September 22). Alberts confirmed that the MRJ is on track to make its first flight in Q2 of next year and to enter service in Q2 2017. At the same session, Embraer's CCO John Slattery also confirmed that the OEM would have something physical to show of the E2 "reasonably eminently". Panellists at the regional aircraft session, which also included representatives from ATR, Bombardier and SuperJet international, discussed the blurring of what is meant by "regional" in the commercial aviation sector. They argued, however, that they were not in competition with the narrowbody makers but making jets that complimented single-aisle fleets. They also agreed that the sector was booming and was set to move away from being considered niche.

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