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Semmco Sees Progress in Tailor-Made Middle East Products

Company is seeing growth in the Middle East having identified specialist ground support equipment and aviation access platforms tailored for operators in the region.

Semmco, a specialist in ground support equipment and aviation access platforms for the aviation sector, is seeing growing demand for some of its products designed specifically for the Middle East region.

Ben Hoyle, business development manager at the UK-based company, says Semmco has continued to expand its local product range and adapting it to suit the Middle East region. Digital tire pressure equipment for aircraft, previously identified as one area of growth for Middle Eastern carriers, has been particularly successful, Hoyle said.

Other product innovations for the Middle East include an updated version of the digital tire pressure equipment able to adapt to high and low temperatures, along with a solar-powered digital nitrogen trolley. The updated trolley has been trialled by the likes of Emirates in the warmer Middle East region, while Semmco has also tested it out in other climates ranging from cold regions to more moderate European temperatures.

Given the heat readiness of the product’s battery, Hoyle says the trolley, which Semmco first launched last year, will last for two to three years if left outside in high temperatures. Typically, he says a battery in the Middle East region will last up to two years maximum.

Semmco has also further grown its customer base in the Middle East, a fact he attributes to establishing a presence at Dubai South early 2017 where it assembles and maintains its UK-manufactured products in addition to working with a UAE-based manufacturing partner. “We’re getting a lot more business from customers here because they feel we’re supporting them and are able to offer them maintenance, inspection and training services,” he says.

As of February 2019, its Middle East customers included airlines such as Etihad, Gulf Air and Oman Air, along with UAE-based MRO Falcon Aviation. Hoyle says Semmco’s Middle East products include platforms for aircraft prevalent in the region’s fleets such as the Boeing 777, 787 and the Airbus A350 and A380. “The 787 is really popular having overtaken the sales of the A350 so we’ve designed some products catering for this aircraft,” he says.

Looking at further innovation in ground support equipment and aviation access platforms, Hoyle says Semmco is looking to develop products incorporating Bluetooth technology. “It’s important to develop these products with a lot of end user input so they get something they actually need,” he says.

In addition to the Middle East and its UK headquarters, Semmco has also recently established an office and manufacturing facility in Arlington, Texas in early 2019. Having kitted out the facility, Hoyle expects operations to begin “within the next few weeks”.

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