Solution For The 787 Is Permanent, Says Boeing

Boeing's solution for the 787's battery faults will offer three levels of safety and will provide a permanent fix, its VP of marketing, Randy Tinseth, said at International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) Americas. Boeing did not disclose any further information regarding the 787 battery faults, the aircraft's reinstatement or the compensation Boeing may be forced to pay. “We're confident it will provide a safe and reliable service,” he said, but added: “I am limited to what I can say.” Despite issues with the 787, Tinseth said the company is on track to increase production from five to 10 aircraft per month by the end of the year. Indeed, Tinseth was positive about the market saying that traffic is outpacing capacity and utilisation rates are high. He also noted the need for replacement aircraft. “All of these factors play into our decision to ramp up production in a methodical, deliberate way,” he concluded. Meanwhile, Boeing is increasing production of the 737 to 38 aircraft a month, and this will increase again to 42 aircraft during the first half of 2014. Production for the 777 has recently increased to 8.3 aircraft a month.


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