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Analytics Platforms Providing Data Insights

These data analytics platforms are leveraging flight, MRO and supply chain data to provide efficiencies and savings for airlines.

Printed headline: Acing Analytics


1. Insights for Engine Maintenance and Efficient Flights 

Platform: Predix


Specifications: GE’s open data platform Predix has moved beyond providing data insights just for engines to a variety of applications for airlines and MROs such as flight-safety analysis, crew management and operational recovery. In addition to analyzing engine parameters for maintenance needs, GE recently unveiled a suite of edge-to-cloud capabilities and applications powered by Predix. These include FlightPulse, launched with Qantas, which uses recorded aircraft data and smart analytics to help pilots fly more efficiently. GE has also recently partnered with Microsoft Azure and Teradata to bolster Predix’s analytics offerings and bring greater value to customers.

2. Leveraging AI for Holistic Health for Aircraft 

Platform: PredictiFLY

Specifications: Chosen by the Airbus BizLabs program and GE’s Predix Startup Accelerator Program, Innovative Binaries is looking to leverage AI for its PredictiFLY data platform. PredictiFLY currently focuses on aircraft health status and predictions for specific component failures that operators are grappling with. The self-service platform uses sensor and non-sensor data to compute what Innovative Binaries describes as a “holistic and more accurate state of systems on the aircraft.” The system looks at healthy data in addition to historical failures or faults to detect abnormal patterns in an automated manner. The company is currently in partnership discussions with what it says are a major engine OEM and a major aircraft OEM.

3. Taking Internal Data Success Public

Platform: Skywise


Leveraging AI for Holistic Health for Aircraft

Specifications: What began as an internal Airbus project to analyze production and quality data has grown into an open data platform with more than 6,000 individual users and 22 connected airlines since its launch at the 2017 Paris Air Show. Skywise is “about making the right information available at the right time.” It draws on massive amounts of Airbus operational and reliability data that can be mined for insights to improve operational and financial efficiency. Airbus says benefits of Skywise include rapid root-cause analysis of in-service issues, optimization of aircraft performance and tracking maintenance effectiveness over time. During its internal usage phase, Airbus says Skywise halved the time required for certain operations-center activities in the development phase and enabled some industrial teams to complete tasks up to five times faster.

4. Analytics Accelerators and Data Scientists for MRO

Platform: Accenture Applied Intelligence Platform

Specifications: With more than 2,300 data scientists globally, Accenture is able to combine industry knowledge and analytics accelerators fueled by machine learning and AI to provide insights for more efficient and effective MRO operations. In addition to Accenture’s data analytics offerings for OEMs, such as forecasting, demand planning and inventory optimization, the company provides solutions within the MRO space related to service contracts, spare parts planning, inventory, warranties and predictive maintenance. The Applied Intelligence Platform includes a suite of pre-built analytics applications, but customized applications can also be created to meet specific customer needs. Accenture recently released its Technology Vision report at Farnborough, which details key trends and insights that the company’s aerospace and defense clients are projecting over the next few years.

5. Customizable Suite for Data Trends

Platform: Prism Analytics

Specifications: RCMBT’s Prism Analytics suite is a customizable product covering everything from data cleaning and optimization to predictive modeling and machine learning. Prism uses client data from aircraft and maintenance operations to analyze trends such as predicting component failures, drivers of excessive cost, operational performance by aircraft tail number and identification of rogue components. Prism provides recommendations for improvement to reduce downtime and maintenance costs while increasing dispatch performance. RCMBT has worked with companies such as Bombardier, Envoy and Jazz Aviation and says its services are highly scalable with a competitive and low-cost structure.

6. Evaluating Millions of Aircraft Conditions 

Platform: Boeing AnalytX


Specifications: Boeing’s AnalytX platform combines the company’s OEM expertise with a comprehensive set of analytics services and products to provide data insights. More than 4,500 aircraft operating globally are tracked using AnalytX’s Airplane Health Management tool, which evaluates up to 2 million conditions daily to determine when maintenance alerts should be generated. Boeing says the tool helped one customer identify an integrated drive generator that would have failed in the near future and correct the issue before it created an in-service delay or cancellation, saving up to $300,000 in repair costs. Boeing recently released a new capability on the platform called Self-Service Analytics, which allows subscribers to access and explore their applications’ data using new analytics tools. Boeing says the service enables customers to ask their own questions and find new insights and opportunities to help them meet their performance goals.

7. Supply Chain and Equipment Analytics

Platforms: ThingWorx and Servigistics


Specifications: PTC provides a suite of data analytics services for aviation through its ThingWorx and Servigistics platforms, which can work together. ThingWorx, which aggregates and analyzes IoT data, analyzes how equipment is performing or being utilized. On the supply chain and maintenance side, Servigistics helps organizations balance inventory and service levels, which PTC says helps reduce operating costs and inventory investment. Used together, both solutions can increase a customer’s forecast accuracy by 30% by leveraging asset utilization data, according to PTC. Aviation customers using PTC’s solutions include Aviall, Airbus, Honeywell, Embraer and Qantas—which has achieved a 94% parts availability rate using Servigistics for supply chain analytics.

8. Big Data Backed by Hands-On Support 

Platform: Aviatar


Specifications: Lufthansa Technik (LHT) says the predictive use cases for its Aviatar platform are growing as fast as its analytics team. The company has more than 100 engineers, data scientists and developers working on digital solutions and says the applications offered on Aviatar have tripled in the last six months. The platform’s neutral, open design allows MRO stakeholders to offer digital solutions on Aviatar and LHT says its approach is unique because it combines the results of analytics insights with the company’s extremely broad, hands-on capability for supporting aircraft. Most recently, a digital twin data model was introduced on Aviatar, that allows users to share data via application program interfaces. LHT says that with more than 700 aircraft already live on the platform, its Predictor plug-ins have already proved useful to avoid several unscheduled maintenance events for customers.


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