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Brazing Specialists Turn Up the Heat

These companies are innovating their brazing product and service portfolios to meet customer demand.

Printed headline: Brazing New Trails

1. Brazing Alloy Supplier

Company: Aimtek


Specifications: Auburn, Massachusetts-based Aimtek supplies precious and nonprecious metal brazing alloys for component manufacture and repair in a variety of configurations such as powder, paste, wire, foil and tape. New products from Aimtek include resistance micro-welding equipment and automation solutions for braze setup operations. The company recently automated joining processes not previously offered in the industry and is rolling out a new level of vendor-managed inventory programs to help customers reduce supply chain costs.

2. One-Stop Component Shop

Company: StandardAero Component Services


Specifications: StandardAero Component Services provides repairs across 7,000 components and more than 35 engine platforms, including a variety of components requiring brazing—such as shroud hangers, vane segments, ducts and seals. In addition to process capabilities ranging from nondestructive testing and inspection to composite repair and painting, the company offers brazing, coating and heat treatment. The company, which operates from nine international locations, recently expanded its capability in the U.S. with major expansions of its component-repair facilities in Miami and Cincinnati.

3. Flux and Alloy Specialists

Company: Superior Flux

Superior Flux

Specifications: Superior Flux offers a range of brazing, soldering and welding flux products tailored for aerospace MROs and OEMs. Superior Flux’s new titanium brazing fluxes and alloys enable customers to torch braze titanium-to-titanium—as well as other alloys—in an open-air environment, which it says is unique in the industry. In addition to brazing, soldering and rosin fluxes, Superior Flux supplies solder and brazing alloys of various specifications. The company, which has been manufacturing flux since 1932, fulfills orders of any size and ships worldwide.

4. In-House Engineering Capabilities

Company: Nordam


Specifications: Nordam performs vacuum-furnace brazing services for stainless steel and nickel-based engine exhaust components to OEMs, airlines, MROs and military customers. Over the past five years, Nordam says it has returned more than 3,000 exhaust components to service. The company specializes in honeycomb-core, brazed repairs for a variety of engine types and has extensive engineering capabilities, including multiple vacuum-braze furnaces and in-house, metallic-core machining. Nordam says these capabilities allow it to develop its own out-of-manual repair work scopes and expanded services, which reduces cost for customers.

5. Turbine Engine Brazing Products

Company: Vitta


Specifications: Vitta specializes in the manufacture of high-temperature nickel brazing materials and products used for manufacturing, overhauling and repairing turbine engine parts and assemblies. Vitta’s Braz-Rope is currently being used in brazing assemblies in GE’s Leap engine, and the company says its brazing tapes allow a more uniform and consistent application of brazing alloys to the cells of honeycomb seals. Vitta is approved by all major aerospace engine manufacturers and says it can customize products to specific customer requirements.

6. Full-Service Brazing and Heat Treatment

Company: Accurate Brazing

Accurate Brazing

Specifications: Accurate Brazing is a full-service vacuum brazing and heat-treating provider that has been in business since 1989. With a focus on supporting aircraft, ground-turbine and power-generation markets, the company’s specialties include end-cover, nozzle and cartridge assemblies for fuel delivery systems. Its facilities in Connecticut, New Hampshire and South Carolina are able to heat and treat materials including copper, stainless steel and super alloys. 

The company has a continually expanding certification and approval list ranging from Boeing and Rolls-Royce to Honeywell and Raytheon.

7. Boeing’s Next-Door Neighbor

Company: Exotic Tool Welding

Exotic Tool Welding

Specifications: Exotic Tool Welding has been providing precision welding, brazing and light fabrication services for aerospace customers in the U.S. and Canada for more than 40 years. The company, which received Boeing accreditation in the early 1980s, has a 10,000-ft.2 facility next to Boeing’s plant in Everett, Washington. In addition to its National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accredition Progam (Nadcap) accreditation for brazing, obtained in 2005, the company is certified in tube brazing, silver brazing and brazing low-carbon, low-alloy or austenitic steels.


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