Simplicity and Transparency in Purchasing Skeyos Marketplace

Online MRO Marketplaces Expand Choices

These digital marketplaces seek to connect buyers and sellers of MRO parts and services.

Printed headline: Online MROL Marketplaces

1. Simplicity and Transparency in Purchasing 

Platform: Skeyos Marketplace

Skeyos Marketplace

Specifications: Founded by Lufthansa Technik (LHT) and launched at MRO Middle East last January, Skeyos Marketplace is a digital marketplace and e-procurement tool focused on simplicity and transparency in purchasing and selling aircraft component maintenance services. According to Skeyos, most existing marketplace platforms for MRO focus solely on helping users locate inventory instead of providing methods for digitally contracting services or managing the fulfillment process. The company says Skeyos differentiates itself by enabling customers to skip the time-consuming request for quotation (RFQ) process and directly purchase or sell component repairs. Additionally, its end-to-end process integration allows both purchasers and suppliers to track, manage and measure orders. The service can be integrated into existing IT environments or used as a stand-alone platform. Last month, Skeyos expanded into the American market at MRO Americas. LHT plans to use Skeyos as its primary online marketplace to offer its local component services to American customers.

2. Independent Maintenance Project Quotes 

Platform: is an independent e-commerce platform that provides aircraft owners and operators with the ability to obtain quotes for aircraft maintenance projects.

Specifications: Launched in 2013, is an independent e-commerce platform that provides aircraft owners and operators with the ability to obtain quotes for aircraft maintenance projects. Customers can log on, upload a maintenance project’s full work scope, RFQ and other related documentation and receive quotes from the site’s more than 100 registered MROs. Currently, there is no cost or obligation required to post maintenance projects and receive quotes. According to President and CIO Vince Mariano, many aircraft owners and operators do not fully canvass the market to identify the best MRO option for maintenance projects, which can wind up costing their operation time and money. Mariano says the site’s functionality allows users to fully leverage the aftermarket to their benefit, which can reduce costs and provide greater flexibility.

3. One-Stop Shop for Online MRO

Platform: ePlane


Specifications: ePlane, which was founded in 2015, bills itself as a “one-stop-shop solution for aircraft part sourcing and repair services.” Through the site, sellers are able to search for specific parts and services, compare prices, send RFQs and close deals. They can also chat with the site’s vetted sellers, who are able to automatically sync their inventory from their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The free online marketplace will soon add a number of optional paid features, including functionality for logistics support and advanced payment options. The ePlane site will also be adding Autopilot—which will automate the RFQ and comparison processes, and Trends—which provides data analytics about availability, demand, volume and pricing.

4. Wide-Ranging Product Database 

Platform: ILSmart


Specifications:  Inventory Locator Service’s ILSmart e-marketplace platform has been serving a variety of industries—including aviation—for nearly 40 years. Paid subscribers can search or list an inventory of aircraft parts, equipment and services with the benefit of the company’s extensive historical and cross reference databases, which can find elusive parts that are available under different manufacturers’ numbers. Parts can be searched by number, description or condition, and ILSmart’s MRO Capability shows helpful information such as vendor certifications, average price for overhaul and turnaround time in the search results. Additional functionality includes an Auctions feature to help move a vendor’s surplus inventory and Parts Watch, which alerts users when available quantities of specific parts change. Most recently, ILSmart launched its Fuse platform for managing bids, which works on any device. Fuse provides one-click RFQs, standardized quotes, side-by-side comparisons and supplier analytics.

5. Simplified, Innovative E-commerce Procurement 

Platform: PartsBase

Specifications: PartsBase wants to simplify the MRO buying and selling process without “nickeling and diming” customers. The free e-commerce procurement tool provides free MRO search functionality for parts and services with functionality it says was developed to be user friendly. PartsBase’s current inventory of more than 115 million line items is used by more than 30,000 customers spanning 7,500 companies and nearly 200 countries. The company says its future focus is to evolve with Big Data, artificial intelligence and application program interfaces (API) to make the procurement process seamless. As part of this goal, PartsBase API provides device-to-device interaction between a company’s internal systems and the PartsBase Web Service Platform while the company’s data research tool tracks market trends in supply and demand of parts. PartsBase 2.0 is set to launch in January 2019 and the company says more information can be found on its new professional aviation networking platform, PBLinked.

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