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Paint and Coatings Providers Looking to Next-Gen Products

These companies are expanding with innovative new product lines and services growth.

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1. Turnkey Paint Solutions 

Company: International Aerospace Coatings

International Aerospace Coatings

Specifications: International Aerospace Coatings (IAC) has been painting aircraft for more than 30 years, with over 10,000 aircraft painted to date. The company, which provides turnkey solutions for paint, interiors and graphics, was the first aircraft painting company in the world to achieve AS9100 certification in 2011. Since then, it has received AS9100 certification at seven of its 13 global facilities. Some of IAC’s recent notable paint projects include Southwest Airlines’ “State One” liveries and Qatar Airways’ 2018 FIFA livery.

2. Next-Gen Paints and Coatings

Company: Mapaero Aerospace Coatings

Mapaero Aerospace Coatings

Specifications: Family-owned Mapaero develops, produces and sells paints and coatings exclusively to the aerospace industry. With headquarters in Pamiers, France, along with subsidiaries and representatives worldwide, the company focuses primarily on water-based paints and coatings for aircraft cabins, and water-reducible paints for aircraft structures. The company’s research and development lab is looking to the “paints and coatings of tomorrow” to meet specifications for next-generation aircraft developed with innovative substrates. Recently, Mapaero qualified a chrome-free paint system for Safran that combines adhesion and corrosion resistance on wheels and a water-based direct texture coating for Boeing to ensure an even light diffusion in cabin applications. It is also looking to grow via production extensions in North America and Asia.

3. Clean, Protected Surfaces

Company: Nuvite Chemical Compounds

Novice Chemical Compounds

Specifications: Nuvite Chemical Compounds has been manufacturing cleaning and appearance maintenance products for aerospace for nearly 70 years. The company’s product line includes polishes, sealants, cleaners and compounds—such as the popular NuShine II polishing compound for metal surfaces or NuGlaze sealant and polish for high-gloss shield and UV protection. The company has been growing its global distribution and recently released its next-generation drywash product, NPC/3, which leaves a protective coating to impede oxidation and weather wear. Nuvite says NPC/3 conforms to airframe OEM standards and does not interfere with other maintenance functions during application.

4. Customer-Focused Paint Services 

Company: Dean Baldwin Painting LP

Dean Baldwin Painting


Specifications: Dean Baldwin Painting LP has been providing full strip and paint services for aircraft for more than 53 years under the same private ownership. The company paints hundreds of aircraft for airlines and military customers at its three facilities in Arizona, Indiana and New Mexico. The three paint locations comprise more than 375,000 ft.2 in total, with paint bays that can accommodate aircraft as large as the Boeing 747 and Airbus A330. According to the company, technicians are trained and experienced at using all the popular paint systems and coatings, which Dean Baldwin says is an investment that ensures a quality product every time. The company is in the final stages of implementing its project reporting and tracking system, which it says will “make life easier” for customers and employees.

5. Certified Coating Specialist

Company: Techmetals

Specifications: Founded in 1968, Techmetals specializes in a wide variety of performance-coating services to increase the life and performance of aerospace equipment. The Dayton, Ohio-based company offers services such as coating, plating, stripping and anodizing to its global customer base, which includes OEMs and FAA repair stations. According to Techmetals, the company has invested heavily in its team and certifications, boasting a staff of certified aerospace, master service and electro finishers as well as a wide range of certifications—including status as an FAA-approved Part 145 repair station. This October, Techmetals is scheduled to open a fully automated 1,400-gal. cadmium plating line that will meet AMS-QQ-P-416 specification.

6. Cold Spray Coatings

Company: CenterLine

Center Line

Specifications: CenterLine launched its Supersonic Spray Technologies (SST) Division in 2004 to commercialize cold spray metal coating technology, which can be used to restore damaged or worn metal and composite surfaces. The SST Division supplies cold spray products and services for aerospace such as cold spray systems and booths, custom powder blends and system calibration kits. The company will soon be introducing its latest line of PX and EPX models—systems for portable cold spray and enhanced robotic cold spray, respectively. CenterLine says the upgrades will feature integration of its latest powder feeding system and provide improvements, such as improved powder volume capacity, faster powder changeover and 50% improvement in powder feed rates.

7. Bespoke Paint Projects

Company: MAAS Aviation

MAAS Aviation

Specifications: Dublin-based MAAS Aviation provides OEM aircraft and painting services for aircraft as large as the Boeing 757. Operating out of nine facilities in the U.S., Germany and the Netherlands, MAAS can also provide support services, including design, graphics and Part 145 engineering. In January 2017, the company completed a twin-bay 757 MRO facility in Mobile, Alabama, and was awarded the contract to build and operate a third facility in Finkenwerder, Hamburg, to support the Airbus A321. Most recently, MAAS has completed special liveries commemorating Aeroflot’s ninth anniversary and a sports livery for Rossiya Airlines.

8. Pioneers in Coating Technology

Company: AkzoNobel

Akzo Nobel

Specifications: A pioneer in developing a number of the coating technologies used in modern aerospace such as waterborne coatings, peelable coatings and clear-coat systems, AkzoNobel focuses on producing sustainable, high-performance and cost-effective products that are easy to use. With operations in 80 countries and approvals from Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer, the company works closely with OEMs to develop coating for myriad applications. It is in the late stages of qualifying its Aerodur 2111 chrome-free primer to Boeing specifications and hopes to have final approval this year. The company recently developed a single-component waterborne premium interior cabin coating system, called Intura, which it says performs just as well as solvent-based systems. With the recent acquisition of French manufacturer Disa Technology, which specializes in self-adhesive films used on aircraft, the company is now working on the DecoFlymark brand of decorative decals for aircraft exteriors.


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