Providers Developing Mobile MRO Solutions For Faster Service

Providers from the U.S., Russia and Denmark put technicians and repair parts on wheels to speed repairs and reduce downtime.

1. Mobile MRO Warehouses

Company: S7 Technics


Specifications: Russian MRO S7 Technics is growing its KitCar “mobile warehouse” program, first launched in the summer of 2018. The KitCars, which are stocked with tools, parts and consumables for specific types of maintenance, are delivered to maintenance technicians on the apron to cut down on inventory and transport-related delays. S7 Technics says the KitCars save engineering and technical personnel more than 4,000 working hours per year. The company plans to expand their usage to more locations and clients. S7 Technics has five KitCars based at its Moscow Domodedovo Airport location and one at its Novosibirsk base.

2. Engine MRO Delivered Fast

Company: Dallas Airmotive

Specifications: Dallas Airmotive’s F1rst Support field service team is available 24/7 to assist customers with scheduled maintenance, unscheduled repairs and aircraft-on-ground events. Its team of more than 50 technicians can be dispatched to an operator’s site within hours to perform comprehensive engine MRO support ranging from single and large fleet-management operators to military operators, airlines and fixed-base operators. The company says its First Support team handles more than 5,000 service events per year and uses a mobile application to help improve on-site information handling.

3. Making the Most of Aircraft Downtime

Company: Pro Star Aviation

Specifications: New Hampshire-based Pro Star Aviation aims to help operators make the most of their aircraft downtime with its On-The-Fly maintenance services. When an aircraft is down for maintenance or planned work, Pro Star Aviation’s team will travel to the location to provide on-site aircraft-on-ground assistance or installations, such as avionics upgrades and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast connectivity. Pro Star Aviation says the service is cost-effective because bringing a team of installers on site is cheaper than repositioning aircraft. This feature is particularly appealing for aircraft operating far from their home base or helicopters with shorter ranges, Pro Star Aviation says.

4. Warehouse-in-a-Box

Company: Pattonair

Specifications: Pattonair has developed a “warehouse-in-a-box” product that seeks to achieve zero lead-time thanks to improved parts-inventory management. The Agile Warehouse is a rugged box on wheels that can be stocked with customized parts, tooling and instrumentation, which are carefully controlled and replenished via automated inventory functionality. The Agile Warehouse can be transported to a customer’s location and stay on site for as long as needed, which Pattonair says works well for remote-site rescue and development situations or for performance and cold-weather testing.

5. Contract Lifetime Kitting

Company: HC Pacific

Specifications: HC Pacific has been offering full MRO and OEM kitting since early 2017 and says it has seen exponential growth due to its unique practice of buying parts for the life of a contract. Kits come in both bagged and laminated options, with the latter being the most popular. The company says customers purchasing HC Pacific kits do not have to place a purchase order for multiple parts in the bill of materials, reducing administrative work in procurement and quality inspection. HC Pacific says it has kits built and ready for immediate delivery to customers on a just-in-time basis to optimize working capital.

6. Overnight Line Station Setup

Company: Northern Aerotech

Specifications: Danish MRO Northern Aerotech launched a mobile line maintenance product in November 2017 aimed at supporting customers as quickly as possible while providing flexibility and reducing cost. The Deployable Line Station (DLS) consists of a large branded box filled with everything required for line maintenance at a remote location. The boxes can be fabricated in a few days, depending on tool lead-time, and are shipped via air freight to a customer’s station, typically arriving the following day. Northern Aerotech says DLS boxes allow for quick line-station setup that can work in any location.

7. Quick Engine Replacements

Company: ITS


Specifications: Arizona-based supply chain specialist ITS offers a variety of kitting products such as Fly Away Kits (FAK) and Quick Engine Change (QEC) kits to help operators and MROs quickly replace engines and release aircraft for operation. The company offers both complete and partial kits, depending on customer requirements, and says it has added dedicated experts to speed up kit assembly. ITS reports that its QEC kits for CFM56-5B and -7B engines are particularly popular.

8. Engineer-Designed Kits

Company: Proponent

Specifications: Proponent has been providing kitting since 1984, and the company says its approach is unique because it works with engineers to determine which parts they really need and how they would like them to be picked. With most kits prebuilt and delivered in a short time frame, Proponent says the kits improve availability of parts and allow mechanics to focus on maintenance activities instead of spending time chasing materials. Proponent says its highest customer demand for kitting comes from landing gear shops and engine accessories groups.

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