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Reducing Turnaround Times With ETL Software

These electronic tech log platforms are helping maintenance staff prepare for faster repairs through paperless defect reporting.

1. Turnkey ETL Service

Product: eTechLog8


Specifications: Conduce’s eTechLog8 software completely replaces paper-based aircraft logbooks, providing what the company says is a full turnkey approach for airlines. Subscriptions to the service are based on an airline’s fleet size and cover all software, hardware, secure data hosting, data communications and support. The software provides total offline connectivity, and Conduce says it can also be used to replace other cockpit-based paperwork using its built-in eForms8 application. Since eTechLog8’s launch just over four years ago, the software has been adopted by the Thomas Cook Group, Royal Brunei Airlines and Airbus Transport International. The software is certified for use under several airworthiness authorities, and Conduce expects certification from France, Germany and Brunei within the next three months.

2. Fully Mobile Log Reporting

Product: PilotLog


Specifications: As part of Trax’s eMobility suite of applications, PilotLog handles log reporting to help pilots monitor their aircraft and record necessary information. PilotLog includes functionality for flight monitoring and data, defect reporting, fuel and de-icing recording, service reporting and more. The application synchronizes with a customer’s existing Trax Maintenance & Engineering or Trax eMRO system so ground crew can prepare for resolution of defects. The company says PilotLog is truly mobile due to its offline capability, which enables automatic synchronization of input data when an aircraft reconnects to  Wi-Fi. According to Trax, the application—which has been on the market for one year—is in the implementation phase for multiple customers.

3. Building Blocks for Boeing

Product: Crossmos


Specifications: Crossmos ETL software was developed in 2015 through close cooperation between CrossConsense and a number of airlines, including Swiss International Air Lines, its launch customer in 2016. The software offers dedicated user modes for flight and cabin crew, maintenance, administrators and authorities, as well as a bi-directional interface allowing data to be sent from the software to the back-end system and vice versa. Boeing acquired the intellectual property rights for Crossmos in October and plans to use the software as the foundation of its new Boeing Mobile Logbook. Development teams from CrossConsense are supporting the transition and future product enhancements, including an iOS version of Mobile Logbook that Boeing plans to release in fourth-quarter 2019.

4. Fewer Maintenance Delays

Product: Ultramain ELB


Specifications: In use for more than a decade, Ultramain ELB is autonomous electronic logbook software that fully replaces paper technical logs, cabin logs, journey logs and damage logs. Using the software’s touch-screen interface, pilots and cabin crew are able to record discrepancies, inflight or on the ground, which are then transmitted in real time to ground-based maintenance personnel and systems. According to Ultramain, this allows for faster repairs and fewer maintenance delays, since maintenance crews can immediately review write-ups and prepare corrective action in advance. Ultramain ELB can be used for all fleet types, and the company says one of its customers recently went paperless by using the software, adding more than 12,000 iPhone and iPad users.

5. Independent ETL Offering

Product: Skypaq eLog


Specifications: Skypaq eLog software enables airlines to collect technical logbook data and other information about MRO and flight operations such as defects and malfunctions, block times and fuel consumption. The software is independent of any aircraft OEMs, so customers securely own their operational data. Skypaq says its Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) offering lets airlines build their own front end on top of the software’s framework, so Skypaq does the “heavy lifting” of data integration, hosting and 24/7 monitoring while customers’ IT departments can utilize the software’s data to build their own applications. Customers include Norra and Finnair; both recently received software upgrades allowing for direct two-way synchronization of data in real time between Skypaq eLog and Swiss-AS AMOS.


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