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Seizing Opportunity For Last-Minute ADS-B Out Business

As the 2020 mandate looms, companies are amping up their ADS-B Out offerings to help operators meet the deadline.

Printed headline: Under the Wire

1. Business Aviation Installations

Company:  Signature TechnicAir


Specifications: Signature TechnicAir has performed hundreds of ADS-B “Out” installations to date on a wide variety of piston, turboprop and corporate jets. The company says it provides supplemental type certificate (STC) solutions from the industry’s most popular manufacturers—Garmin, Honeywell and Collins Aerospace—and it is equipped to perform both simple software upgrades as well as full flight-deck upgrades. Signature TechnicAir says that having BBA Aviation as its parent company makes it uniquely positioned to support customers even after ADS-B Out installations, thanks to a large network and worldwide locations.

2. Upgrades and Hardware

Company: Collins Aerospace


Specifications: In addition to its investment in ADS-B Out certifications for business and commercial aircraft, Collins Aerospace provides hardware to support ADS-B Out equipage such as transponders, satellite positioning sources and radio-tuning equipment. Collins primarily upgrades its fielded products at its service centers in Wichita and Toulouse, while ADS-B Out upgrades are accomplished through its dealer network for business aircraft and at airlines, MROs and other third parties for commercial aircraft. The company says demand has been strong across all markets as operators seek compliance ahead of ADS-B Out deadlines.

3. Quicker Certification

Company: CertifyNation

Specifications: CertifyNation—a division of Angelus Corp.—specializes in developing STCs for avionics system retrofits, with specific expertise in accelerating certification timelines through reducing design iterations and eliminating noncompliant parts and designs. The company has worked with a range of original equipment manufacturers, operators and civil aviation authorities on ADS-B programs worldwide. CertifyNation says its team has the engineering and regulatory expertise to review a customer’s avionics configuration and determine whether ADS-B functionality can be supported and what equipment is needed for compliance.

4. ADS-B Out for Boeing Aircraft

Company: Aerospace Engineering Solutions


Specifications: UK-based Aerospace Engineering Solutions recently obtained an ADS-B Out STC intended for commercial and private operators with Boeing 737NG, 757 and 767 aircraft. The STC allows replacement of existing multimode receivers and transponder units with ADS-B-compliant units as well as introduction of new wiring to provide GPS data to transponders and associated pin programming for aircraft type-related configuration. Aerospace Engineering Solutions is in the middle of a rolling program for a European operator and has performed 20 installations.

5. Seamless Avionics Integration

Company: AerSale

Specifications: AerSale says its AerTrak ADS-B Out system can be used with any OEM transponder or multimode receiver and can seamlessly integrate with most existing avionics and cockpit controls, which makes it very cost-effective. AerTrak’s STC for Boeing 737NG aircraft is currently being amended to include 737 Classic aircraft, and AerSale says it is actively pursuing certification of a new STC for Boeing 777s. The company is now preparing kits and materials to meet expected demand through the rest of 2019.

6. Boeing 737 Specialization

Company: KF Aerospace


Specifications: Canadian MRO KF Aerospace specializes in ADS-B Out installations for Boeing 737-family aircraft and holds an STC for Boeing 737-300/400/500 aircraft that uses Collins Aerospace TPR-901 transponders and dual CMA-5024 GPS receivers. The company has performed nine installations of the STC installation at its Kelowna International Airport facility in British Columbia and has sold the STC installation for use on over 25 aircraft worldwide. KF Aerospace has two other pairings that it plans to add to the STC soon, pending installation and certification this fall with a launch customer.

7. General Aviation Expertise

Company: Skywarrior Avionics


Specifications: Founded in 2012, Skywarrior Avionics has been performing ADS-B installations for more than five years. The company has installed more than 150 ADS-B units for commercial, military and general aviation aircraft. It performs services for general aviation aircraft and airliner operations at its facilities in Pensacola, Florida, and services for larger commercial airliners and military aircraft at its facilities in Greenville, Mississippi.

8. Expanding Aircraft Offerings

Company: GKN Fokker Services


Specifications: GKN Fokker Services provides ADS-B Out modifications for a variety of aircraft types, and the company says its solution allows customers to modify their aircraft cost-effectively and with minimum downtime. In addition to its European Aviation Safety Agency and FAA supplemental type certificates for Airbus A320, Boeing 737 NG and Bombardier Q400 aircraft, the company began expanding its ADS-B Out program earlier this year to include the 737 and 767. GKN Fokker Services was recently chosen to provide a customized 737 ADS-B Out solution for Estafeta’s Cargo Airline, and it has been working with the carrier to guarantee timely installation that meets its requirements.

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