BOSA provides a wide range of fuel-tank-related services BOSA

Solutions for Fuel System Safety And Maintenance

A look at some of the MRO providers keeping fuel systems performing seamlessly.

1. Fuel Tank AOG Response

Company: BOSA


Specifications: Aircraft and component maintenance provider BOSA provides a wide range of fuel-tank-related services, including fuel leak repairs and troubleshooting, component changes, contamination removal and a global aircraft-on-ground (AOG) response team. With specialized grab toolkits containing all required tank entry equipment and consumables, BOSA’s team can be on location within hours to handle aircraft fuel system faults and leaks. The company says the experience it has gained from working with customers such as Boeing Fleet Care and Etihad Airways helps it to stand out from competitors.

2. Flammability Prevention

Company: AerSale


Specifications: AerSafe, AerSale’s fuel-tank ignition mitigation system uses custom-designed foam blocks installed within a fuel tank to limit oxygen and prevent sparks from igniting an explosion. The foam blocks are customized for an aircraft’s fuel tank using computer modeling, and AerSale says they are easy to install and do not require maintenance or spare parts. The company says AerSafe is particularly useful for older and transitioning aircraft without nitrogen-generation systems. It was recently approved for the Boeing 767 and Airbus A321.

3. Fuel Component Repair and Overhaul

Company: The Fuel Cell

The Fuel Cell

Specifications: Specializing in the repair and overhaul of aircraft fuel components, Florida-based The Fuel Cell was launched in 1997. The company’s portfolio of engine and aircraft type capabilities includes service for components such as engine pumps, boost pumps, fuel actuators and more. The Fuel Cell has a new CEO and expansion plans that include new and improved facilities in Doral, Florida, to which the company plans to relocate in the fall.

4. Leveraging Group Capabilities

Company: Safe Fuel Systems

Specifications: As part of the Safe Aviation Solutions group, which includes Accel Aviation and B&E Aircraft Component Repair, Safe Fuel Systems has the capability to repair most fuel-related components such as pumps, valves and control units. The repair station, approved by the FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency, has specialized in the testing, repair, overhaul and modification of fuel systems since 2001. Safe Fuel Systems has been expanding its capabilities for next-generation aircraft and says it has invested in equipment and education for technicians to continue evolving and innovating within the marketplace.

5. Fuel Tank Inerting Solutions

Company: AeroParts


Specifications: In business for nearly 60 years, AeroParts provides a variety of fuel-related products and services, including its Nitrogen Generating System (NGS). The NGS reduces the chance of fuel tank explosions through the production of inert gas, which is fed into an aircraft’s fuel tank. AeroParts has developed an improved membrane for the fiber bundles on the NGS’ Air Separator Module, which it says helps to lower the number of premature failures experienced by OEMs. The company provides testing and repair services for a variety of fuel-related products, including all the components of the NGS. Currently, AeroParts is refining prefiltration components used within the NGS.


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