AddQual’s GOM ATOS Scanbox

Solutions for Smarter Aerospace Factory Operations

As aerospace manufacturing, supply chain and maintenance go more digital, these smart-factory solutions can help provide smoother operations.

1. Smarter Part Tracking

Product: SmartSpace

Specifications: The SmartSpace platform from Ubisense uses location sensor data to provide complete visibility of maintenance activities, enabling a “smart-hangar” environment, the company says. The software is able to process location and identification data from sensors, RFID (radio-frequency identification) readers and other software systems for a variety of applications such as predictive scheduling of tooling or equipment, asset monitoring and production logistics. SmartSpace can help eliminate production delays by ensuring required parts and materials are in place when needed, according to the company. Clients such as Airbus use SmartSpace by connecting it to enterprise software to provide an “indoor radar,” to ensure timely arrival of components for assembly.

2. High-Definition 3D Component Scanning

Product: GOM ATOS Scanbox

Specifications: AddQual’s GOM ATOS Scanbox uses photogrammetry and blue light technology to capture high-definition scans of components, which can help smart factories confirm product quality and performance. The Scanbox takes multiple photos of components from various vantage points, which are mathematically bundled together to produce a 3D representation. The 3D scan can be used to create a virtual twin of physical components and can also enable component characteristics to be imposed on upstream virtual models. AddQual says these allow for optimization of processes for greater productivity and throughput. AddQual has been using the technology for a range of aircraft components within the MRO marketplace such as turbine blades and vanes, compressor blades and other structural components.

3. Paperless Production Data

Product: Qualaxy Suite

Specifications: Infodream’s Qualaxy Suite is a manufacturing execution system (MES) to provide a smart digital solution for keeping track of production data. The modular MES software is able to track and analyze data from the shop floor to improve quality and reduce costs while creating a paperless environment with electronic job cards and work instructions. Infodream’s configurable and scalable software solution is used by aerospace customers such as Airbus, Safran and Thales to provide more real-time traceability in the smart factory environment.

4. Mobile Device Management

Product: Netspot SmartStation

Specifications: With smart factory environments increasingly moving toward paperless operations, the Netspot SmartStation from M3 Solutions Technologies provides a mobile device management platform to keep a company’s various mobile devices organized, secure and up-to-date. The scalable SmartStation physically controls access to mobile devices, which employees can check out on-demand using access cards. When mobile devices are returned, SmartStation securely locks them in, wipes them clean of the previous user’s actions, recharges them and deploys content updates in real-time—such as the newest service bulletins or security and software updates.

5. Augmented Workshop Solutions

Product: Vuforia Augmented Reality

Specifications: PTC’s Vuforia software can be used to improve both maintenance and manufacturing operations within the aerospace industry. The augmented reality (AR) technology enables remote-expertise functionality and allows domain experts to create scalable AR content such as assembly and disassembly work instructions, training programs and MRO procedure guidance. PTC says Vuforia can provide immersive 3D instructions and product visualizations that allow workers to walk around or through products and systems, which can improve comprehension and safety.

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