ATA Spec 2000 gets updated ATA E-Business Program

ATA e-Business Updates Electronic Logbook and Digital Security Specs

ATA e-Business Programs updates two specifications--one for use of electronic logbooks and the other for digital information.

The Air Transport Association (ATA) e-Business Program released revisions to two of its specifications: Spec 2000: Electronic Logbook and Spec 42: Aviation Industry Standards for Digital Information Security.

The most recent releases update current standards for modeling and exchanging electronic logbook data, and securing digital identities. Another revision to Spec 2000 (version 5.0) is already in process; spawning from that effort is a new set of standards for electronic record keeping, a release date has not been announced.

Also in work is an update to Spec 2000 Chapter 16, which will make changes to completion instructions for FAA Form 8130-3 and EASA Form 1.

For half a century, airlines, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers have used the organization as a vehicle to create standards through collaboration. Working groups create best practices to support commercial aviation engineering, materials management, maintenance and operations, with the intent of increasing data efficiency, security and consistency.

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