Australia Reports Downtick in Technical-Related Occurrences

Good news from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s safety report.

Print headline: Report Card

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) released its annual occurrence report, analyzing safety data received in 2008-17 from pilots, airline operators, air traffic control, maintenance personnel, emergency services authorities and the public. (“Occurrences” are situations that could cause an accident/incident.) While overall occurrences in commercial operations increased in 2017, technical-related occurrences for air transport declined, down 6% from the previous year, and the fewest number reported since 2009.

There were zero fatalities during the 10-year period on high-capacity regular public transport (RPT), including operations of regular transport, charter, check and training, test and ferry aircraft with 38 or more seats. The overall number of reported occurrences for high-capacity RPT grew in 2017 but continued its post-2013 downward trend.

For commercial air transport as a whole, a quarter of all occurrences were attributable to operational and environmental circumstances. Technical-related instances were the third most reported, accounting for 17% of all occurrences, or 9,518 attributions over the reporting period. Of the technical occurrences, about half were systems-related, 24% powerplant-related and 27% airframe-related.

New this year, the safety information is provided through an online interactive tool allowing users to filter data and present it in various media.

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