Australia To Require Electronic Incident Reporting

Australian safety regulator ATSB will require MROs to report accidents/incidents electronically.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) will soon implement a program that would require maintenance organizations to report accidents and incidents electronically, either via its online web form or through a “compatible reporting solution.”

Under the new reporting system, maintenance organizations will have the option of transferring accident and incident reports directly out of their safety management systems (SMS) to the ATSB. According to the bureau, “schema will provide a framework for organizations and software vendors to develop and automate accident and incident reporting solutions in a format compatible with the ATSB notification system.” Companies would receive a license to incorporate the schema into their own SMS platforms, such that the information could be easily and automatically transferred to the agency, reducing any duplicative input and streamlining processes.

The bureau is soliciting review and comment on the draft code before the new system is implemented. It is specifically requesting feedback from software companies interested in integrating the schema into their current reporting infrastructures.

The Australian safety regulator has stated that 2017 will be the last year maintenance organizations can utilize email, fax or regular mail to submit accident and incident data. 

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